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Chemical Earthing Electrode

Chemical Earthing Electrodes are designed for evading dangers that can occur due to defective currents. Further, offered products also provide protection to the equipments through delivering a low resistance path for defective current.

Backfill Earthing Compound

Earthing Back fill Compounds are basically clear water based gel compounds that are used for their superior adhesion properties. These are easy to use, reliable and highly efficient in providing high workability.

GI Earthing Electrode

GI Earthing Electrodes are delivered along with low resistance grounding and they provide outstanding execution in unfavorable ground conditions. These are known for their enhanced protection and decreased impedance.

Ground Clamps & Coupling

Ground Clamps & Couplings are majorly utilized for promoting electrical safety in several different workplaces. Furthermore, the offered range helps in maintaining proper grounding techniques and have amazing capability of the grounding conductor.

Chemical Earthing Kit

Chemical Earthing Kits have the capability of absorbing water or wetness around the earth pit. Apart from this, these products can be efficiently utilized even in water conditions.

Earth Pit Covers

Earth Pit Covers are manufactured from high density Polypropylene and generally utilized for avoiding masonry work at several locations, due to their excellent chemical resistivity with zero absorption.

Copper Lightning Arrester

Copper Lightning Arresters are generally utilized for preventing the building from natural lightening or several other climatic damages. Apart from this, these products can be applicable in both residential as well as industrial sectors.

Earthing Compound

Earthing Compounds have self adhesive properties and they can also by utilized with EMS electrodes for getting best results. Besides, the products that are offered by us are known for their excellent conductivity and lubricating properties.