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Earth Enhancing Compound

Earth Enhancing Compounds are rendered over earthing top so as to do health check as well as recording and examining Earthing Resistance value. These compounds can avoid masonry work at various locations, and are made of high-density poly Polypropylene. In addition, these compounds are made accessible with conical shape with less diameter at top in comparison to the bottom. Supplied with a unique shape, the additional advantage these Earth Enhancing Compounds have is their firm catch by surrounding soil. Easy to install, this rust free and Environment friendly products can withstand color /UV as well as are unaffected by simple transportation.
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Earth Enhancing Backfill Compound

Price: 599 INR/Bag
  • Supply Ability:100 Per Week
  • Delivery Time:24 Hours
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Low Resistivity Earthing Compound

Price: 599 INR/Bag
  • Delivery Time:24 Hours
  • Supply Ability:100 Per Week
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Grounding Conductivity Improver

Price: 450 INR/Bag

With resistivity of 0.025 ohm-m, Electrogrip carbogem has used those places where the presence of carbon material is a little less. This earth enhancing compound has carbon in it, which balances the lack of carbon in the soil. This ground enhancing compound is best for those places which contain a lot of moistures in the soil. For wetlands or seaside areas, Electrogrip carbogem will be the best choice as ground enhancing compound. For rocky areas also carbogem is used along with the conductive gel. There will be a total of five layers of these two earth enhancing compound. From the bottom, the first layer will be of conductive gel afterwards the layers are of carbogem, gel again carbogen and lastly gel again. The gel maintains the moisture of the soil and carbogem increases the level of carbon.

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Carbonaceous Backfill

Price: 2200.00 INR/Bag

Earth Enhancing Backfill Compound. Environmental Free Non Corrosive Granulated/Gel Form Chemical Earth Enhancing Earthing Compound Conductivity improving minerals, hygroscopic gel conductive mineral. We make the Earth a chemical compound that enhances the entire range of earth-reinforced composite grounded conductive improve mineral absorption silicone conductive minerals. Committed to the satisfaction of our clients at prime, we ensure a defect-free range for the customers.